Cities of Peace in Pristina!
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Cities of Peace®/Qytetet e Paqes/Gradovi Mira

June 12, 2018 at the Museum of Kosovo
Unveiling of the work of art/Zbulimi i veprës së artit/Otkrivanje umetničkog dela: 

“The Flowering”/”Lulëzimi”/”Cvetanje”

This monumental painting is illuminated with 4 precious golds including Palladium leaf to celebrate the 8000 year history of the region. Created with participation by students, artists, scholars, people from all the ethnicities and 38 municipalities, Pristina: The Flowering  traces with the finest lines of filigree the past, present and future of this growing city.

On its 10th Anniversary, we rejoice that the world will know through art this city, a place of life. May peace continue and freedom flourish!