We are thrilled to bring you the latest Cities of Peace® news from Pristina!

See a video of Dr. Ellen frank, founder and artistic director of Cities of Peace, interviewed by the United States Embassy in Kosovo as the painting was being finished for the great unveiling on June 12!

See much more about the project at the Cities of Peace Facebook page and at Museum of Kosovo, and the museum's photo album for the unveiling. 

Cities of Peace® is honored to partner with the Museum of Kosovo, The University of Pristina, and Cultural Heritage without Borders on a collaborative Cities of Peace project, in conjunction with the International UNESCO Decade of Rapprochement of Cultures.

On May 18 Cities of Peace® and The Museum of Kosovo celebrated International Museum Day, with an exhibition of the Cities of Peace Treasure Suite and inclusive peace and art-making workshops. Workshops will include students, artists and educators, and the Ashkali Egyptian, Roma, and women victims of war crimes.

On June 1, Cities of Peace joined in the celebrations for Kosovo Children's Day, and on June 12, Kosovo Peace Day, a grand event celebrated the culmination of the Cities of Peace Laboratory Pristina.

Read more on the Pristina page...

And his tune is heard on the distant hill for
The caged bird sings of freedom.
— Maya Angelou

Cities of Peace shares its freedom song.

CITIES OF PEACE is a living monument of cultural landscapes and heritage preservation that features a series of large scale gold-leaf paintings honoring the history and culture of world cities that have suffered trauma and strife. Architecting a new cultural diplomacy, Cities of Peace issues a global call to recognize the critical role cities play in sustaining what is creative and hopeful in civilization. It is our mission to inspire those who view these works of art to act to protect critical urban centers throughout the world. Cities of Peace includes collaborative artistic creation, human rights education, film, internship training and peacebuilding workshops.

CITIES OF PEACE exists to continue, capture, and echo the outcry of many: to stop war, conflict and violence against humanity, against nations, against cities. If we do not understand the history and beauty of what has been damaged or destroyed, we cannot participate in the beauty of recovery and peace.